Sunday, 28 July 2013

The next painting I'm working on is a portrait of Aragorn, as portrayed by Viggo Mortensen. Hoping to get it finished this week!

Summer in the Shire

45cm x 37cm
17 3/4" x 14.5"
In Acrylic.


I wanted to paint Hobbiton in all its summer beauty, with the party tree in all its glory, and Bag End just round the corner with the garden in full bloom.The fields were looking a bit bland, so I thought a few sheep would add to the rural, rustic feel.

Here is a close up of Bag End.

The Doors of Moria

12 x 14.5 inches, unframed
(30 x 37 cm)

Next, I wanted to try my interpretation of the entrance into Moria - somewhere I have always loved reading about, with its endless halls and beautiful dwarven architecture.

It went well, although I didn't find it easy trying to make the mithril door glow. I think I captured the dark eeriness of the lake quite well though.

The White City

45cm x 37cm
17 3/4" x 14.5"

This was my first Lord of the Rings attempt, and my first acrylic painting (I've painted watercolours until now), so I thought I'd try something ambitious! I've always loved this scene.

I was happy with how it turned out, although it took me far longer than I planned - probably about 20 hours with all the detail of the towers and buildings in Minas Tirith.
Welcome to my Blog!

I created it to show my artistic journey through Middle Earth, because basically, I love Lord of the Rings and couldn't think of anything better than to explore it though painting. I'll be posting my paintings, with links to buy them as and when they are for sale.

I aim to post once a week, after getting my currently completed paintings on here.